1920 - 1930

The 1920s is also known as the Jazz era. With the music industry just beginning the likes of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington were hugely popular. Chicago’s gangsters of the 1920s and 30s were some of the most famous Chicagoans of all time. They were the baddest of the bad guys, yet the champions of the people.

 Women - World War I ended and fashion responded by dropping waists to high hip levels and dresses became unfitted.As the decade began hems lines perched above the ankle but in only three years skirt lengths had risen to unprecedented – and to some – shocking heights! As the “flapper era” became established, hemlines continued their scandalous ascent and had reached the knee by 1926. The drop waist continued its popularity. Sometimes a sash was applied to the hip but dresses also fell in a straight line. Although dresses were simple in construction, detail was apparent in surface ornamentation such as embroidery, soft braid, and beading for evening. Tabard style sheer or semi-sheer dresses were also worn over matching slips.

Men - In the early part of the 1920′s the “conservative suit”, as it’s known today, was the most popular men’s suit style. Marked by it’s tightly fitted jacket, high “pinched” waist and narrow shoulders, the conservative suit cut a thin silhouette. During the 1920s many men and women began to participate in such sports as golf, tennis, and swimming. Style conscious golfers wore knickers, loose-fitting pants that ended just below the knees. The 1920s Man had a lot of accessories. The usual hat of this period was the fedora, often worn tipped down over one eye at a rakish angle. Men slipped pocket watches on chains called fobs into their vests, which were often worn with suits. Neckties were wide, and bold geometric designs were popular, including stripes, and quadrilateral designs.

The stereotypical image and myth
1920-1930 female
1920-1930 female costumes
1920-1930 male
1920 - 1930 male costumes
cigarette girl
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