1960 - 1970

The 1960’s were a mix. The decade began with the 1950’s silhouette but ten years later the look was very different. In the U.S. in 1961 John F. Kennedy was the president.His wife Jackie Kennedy the first had a great sense of style and soon many were following her lead. The American designed suit with short-jackets and A line skirts began very popular. Through the 60s the market shifted towards a more youthful silhouette. Teens dominated the fashion scene and in time adults followed with the ‘Baby doll’ made popular by Brigitte Bardot. Shorter skirts and big hair were in. Eventually this gave way to british fashion worn by the “IT”girl Twiggy seen on the covers of most fashion magazines, wearing colorful shifts and space-age prints. This helped convince the majority of women in the mid 60’ to try the new styles. Italian designers like Pucci created psychedelic palettes of color, transforming simple silk knit gowns into walking works of art. American designers excelled in casual, uncomplicated sportswear chic. French couture ,mostly under the influence of Yves St. Laurent. explored other ideas, one of these borrowed pants and tuxedo jackets from menswear for the hip, liberated fashion-conscious woman. The times, “they were a-changing” and fashion needed to follow suit. By 1967 the new fashion was baring more of the body than ever before. Even the most conservative suits were cut above the knee. The old etiquette, gloves and hats, gone.

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